Professor Wylde's: Traveling School Show

Register Based on Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's popular Professor Wylde Animal Show, this traveling version will use humor, theatrical techniques, and trained animals to engage students' attention and imagination. Along with covering state mandated science standards, the show will increase students' awareness for the natural world, reinforcing that each person can make a difference by helping to improve the future for wildlife.


The Professor Wylde Traveling School Show is ready to come to your school. A school is recognized as a location where education takes place in a school building that is chartered by the state. If you would like Professor Wylde to come to picnics, parties, or festivals, please check out the Professor Wylde Traveling Event Show. The traveling show is geared toward larger audiences in a gym or auditorium setting and is too big to be held in a classroom. Children in grades K-3 find out about animal adaptations. Older kids (grades 4-8) learn about training and behavior. High School students are exposed to zoo careers.

$100 for a second program at the same location scheduled for the same day as the first.


The program is offered from September to March to schools within a 60 mile radius of the Zoo.


  • $235 in Cuyahoga County
  • $335 outside Cuyahoga County
  • $100 for second program in all locations