Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Use

Please review the following conditions of use. Please contact Special Events and Experiences with questions at (216) 635-3304.

  1. All rentals are Rain or Shine. All payments are non-refundable. Paid reservations are NOT subject to date changes.
  2. An inspection will be conducted by Cleveland Metroparks personnel after use of the site. If found to be damaged and/or unclean as a result of your Guest Group’s activity, the permit holder will be invoiced by Cleveland Metroparks for all costs incurred, including any reasonable attorney fees in colleting such sums if needed. “Guest Group” includes the person(s) renting the shelter, all guests and invitees, any guests or invitees of your guests, and/or persons who are present at the facility during the hours it is being rented by you, except for employees or volunteers of Cleveland Metroparks who are present in their official capacity as employee or volunteer of Cleveland Metroparks.
  3. The picnic facility is available for your exclusive use from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Buildings and gates will be unlocked based on the above information. Area must be cleaned up and group gone by departure time.
  5. Nothing is to be nailed, stapled, painted or tacked to any shelter/facility, tables, trees, park signs, etc. Freestanding signs and taped/tied decorations are permitted and must be removed prior to departure.
  6. Grills are located at most facilities and permittees are encouraged to use these for events. Portable propane and charcoal grills, fryers, brick overs and other cooking devices may only be used with prior approval by Cleveland Metroparks or the Police Department. Cooking devices must be properly tended to at all times.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash, no longer than 8 feet, at all times. Please clean up after your pet.
  8. The fireplace is the only source of heat during the winter season at some enclosed facilities. Cleveland Metroparks regularly supplies split firewood to those facilities that have fireplaces (groups must start the fire themselves). However, firewood availability for your particular use is not guaranteed and will not be replenished during the day.
  9. Permit holder may bring in Duralog or unopened, prepackaged bundles of KILN-DRIED, insect-free firewood.
  10. LOW VOLUME sound or music is permitted within the confines of the reserved facility only and must not interfere with or disturb other park visitors. Amplified sound systems are not allowed in the parks; including but not limited to speakers, microphones, DJ’s, bands, etc. You may have one acoustic instrument during facility usage or a small CD player or iPod with speaker. Any of these should be kept at a low volume. Park Police may limit the sound/music level.
  11. Parking is only permitted in designated parking areas. Parking is NOT allowed on the grass, roadsides or on trails.
  12. Storage & transportation for equipment, food, and picnic items is not provided. A wagon or other non-motorized cart may be a used for transporting items between your vehicle(s) and the shelter. Pulling vehicles onto the grass to load/unload is not permitted. Parking is not permitted other than in designated spaces.
  13. Some areas have water and/or electricity. In facilities with electricity, please be aware that overloading outlets with too many items can result in a blown fuse. Cleveland Metroparks provides no guarantee that any staff will be available to reset any fuse that is blown by the Guest Group. Guest Group shall be entitled to no refund if a fuse is blown while the shelter is in use. In areas where water lines exist, the water will be shut off from approximately November 1 to May 1 to avoid burst water lines due to freezing.
  14. In the event the facility and/or and property of the Cleveland Metroparks is damaged by the Guest Group, its agents, employees, or any person admitted to Cleveland Metroparks or the facility by the Guest Group, the Guest Group will reimburse Cleveland Metroparks. The amount will reflect the total needed to restore the Cleveland Metroparks, facility, or property to its original condition, together with all costs incurred by Cleveland Metroparks in collecting such sums, including reasonable attorney fees. The Guest Group will indemnify, hold harmless and if requested, defend the Cleveland Metroparks, the Board of Park Commissioners, and all persons affiliated with Cleveland Metroparks, from any liabilities arising or resulting from the Guest Group’s use of the facility.
  15. At this location canned or bottled beer, wine or champagne served in cups is permitted for those 21 and over in the facility structure only. Kegs, beer balls, and other alcoholic beverages (i.e. hard liquor) are NOT permitted. Please recycle by placing all empty cans and bottles in the recycle bins. Thank you.
  16. Food Trucks are welcome at this locations, but must have prior approval from Cleveland Metroparks and a fee of $75 per food truck will be assessed to the Event Organizer.

Chestnut Shelter

By booking this venue you agree to the terms and conditions listed here and on our Policies and Procedures pages.

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