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Outdoor Recreation

Does a weekend backpacking trip sound like fun, but you don't know how to get started? Have you watched someone paddle a kayak, navigate with a compass or fish with a fly rod, and wished you knew how? Cleveland Metroparks Outdoor Recreation (formerly Institute of the Great Outdoors) is the focal point of outdoor recreation activities in Cleveland Metroparks.

Through Outdoor Recreation, you can take part in year-round activities that help you develop outdoor skills. And, learning a skill is only one of OR's features. Enjoy an eco-tour or have fun stand up paddleboarding, backpacking, or mountain biking as you learn about the environment and the need to be responsible stewards of the great outdoors.

Participate with Cleveland Metroparks Outdoor Recreation to meet new friends, learn new skills and discover the outdoors and yourself.

The Outdoor Recreation Mission

To provide natural resource based outdoor recreational experiences and classes that enable participants of all abilities to connect with nature.

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