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Established in 1917, Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department is the law enforcement branch of Cleveland Metroparks. The department's primary objective is to provide a safe and accessible environment for the Park District's more than 43 million annual visitors. The Ranger Department's jurisdiction comprises more than 23,000 acres of land, 100 miles of connecting parkways and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The title "ranger" has historical significance. The term was first associated with expert marksmen and skilled mounted forces. Today, the term "ranger" is proudly used by those whose mission includes the protection and conservation of park lands and wildlife, enforcement of state laws and park regulations, and assistance to park visitors.

Cleveland Metroparks rangers are state-certified law enforcement officers who exercise full police powers in the commission of their duties. Rangers are on duty 24-hours a day, year-round, patrolling parklands on foot, in vehicles, on horseback, and on bicycles. Ranger Headquarters, located in Fairview Park, Ohio, dispatches the department's 85 officers from 12 field offices positioned throughout the Park District.

Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Headquarters
4600 Valley Parkway
Fairview Park, Ohio 44126

Emergency: 440-333-4911
To report injuries, accidents, park violations.
For safety or time sensitive issues, do not email - this will delay the response

To report lockouts, directions or traffic issues.

Download Ranger Outreach Request

Cleveland Metroparks Ranger - Mission

Providing superior service and law enforcement through proactive, innovative, and unbiased practices.

Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Core Values