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Open Bids

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Products/Services Currently Out to Bid

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Bid Number Title Contract Period Contact
#6167 Historical and Cultural Resource Management Plan 8/19/2016 Sean McDermott
#6200 Request for Information - Huntington Playhouse (Huntington Reservation) 8/4/2016 Charlie Rosol
#6201 Request for Informtion - Brilla House (Garfield Park Reservation) 8/4/2016 Charlie Rosol
#6208 Qualifications for Professional Design Services with a design fee of less than $50,000 7/29/2016 Sean McDermott
#6212 Cleveland Metroparks VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 7/28/2016 Charlie Rosol
#6213 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Hay Barn 8/9/2016 Sean McDermott


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